Working made simple with ArchivistaVM

We all know the problem. Hardware is no longer prohibitively expensive, but there can still be great pains involved if someone presses the wrong button on the server. Complete IT landscapes come to a standstill, and hours or even days can pass until the original server state has been restored. And that?s without even contemplating what would happen if the server suddenly gave up the ghost one day. It often takes days until a new server can be configured, and the cost of implementing the server can easily exceed the purchase price of the actual server hardware.

Server virtualisation in a server-in-server environment

This is where virtualisation comes into good use. Instead of installing an operating system directly on a computer server, administration software is first installed on a powerful computer. The guest operating system can then be installed on top of the administration software environment. However, the guest system thinks it is installed on a physical computer. The virtualisation software makes the guest believe that processors, main memory, hard disks, the screen and, in fact everything need for a fully functioning computer system, are all available, as if it was installed on a proper computer.

And because the guest operating system does not physically run on a computer, we call this virtualisation, because even the operating system is only installed virtually on the server. Until now, such concepts were fairly expensive, or took the form of powerful OpenSource products that required extensive Linux knowledge and skills to configure.

ArchivistaVM Server: Set up 30 seconds

You think that’s impossible? No server can be set up in 30 seconds! Pass by our office or one of our partners and we will be happy to show you first-hand just how easily ArchivistaBox can be set up in 30 seconds. The advantages over standard virtualisation solutions are considerable:

  • Tried-and-tested ArchivistaBox concept (everything from one source)
  • Minimal loss performance through virtualisation (approx. 3 percent)
  • Very simple installation in approx. 30 seconds
  • Excellent price/performance ratio: starting price at 990 CHF
  • Guest installation (operating systems) directly in the browser
  • Virtual screen over a Java-compatible web browser
  • Can be extended: ArchivistaVM server in cluster mode
  • OpenSource (Debian, KVM, ArchivistaVM)
  • Instances can be migrated during live operation
  • Replacement box within 8 or 4 business hours when you have a Gold/Platinum license with maintenance agreement
  • Sales via our webshop or by certified partners
  • Low energy consumption of 80-100 Watts (six-core machine)

Want to find out more about the ArchivistaVM server? You can find more information on our Summit and Budget ArchivistaVM servers over on the following pages.


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