Document Management Systems (DMS) and more

Business solutions do not have to be complex or complicated. Thanks to our unique ArchivistaBox concept, you can put ready-to-use document management systems (DMS) into operation in no time at all. Choose between our DMS and ERP boxes (Enterprise Resource Planning) as well as the MediaVM boxes, which are suitable for multimedia applications and server virtualization.

All our solutions are web-based and support all platforms, from smartphones and tablets to Windows, Mac and Linux.

ArchivistaDMS & ERP

Cost/benefit calculation for our document management system
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Online demo and free cloud option

Demo archive (DMS) with 5 mio pages
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Archivista MediaVM server

Virtualization and multimedia workstations
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Open Source Linux Desktop AVMultimedia

In addition to the commercial products, the company ArchivistaBox also develops the open source Linux distribution AVMultimedia. This forms the basis for the ArchivistaBox products.

Install AVMultimedia on HDMI stick

Powerful Linux RAM based desktop

AVMultimedia now has detailed answers to many questions (FAQs)