About us

Real innovation requires long-term thinking and actions

A great product such as ArchivistaBox doesn’t just get thrown together in a couple of months. A great product is also not dependent on the size of the company. In fact, it is innovation and a market-oriented approach, as well as a long-term strategy and way of thinking that lays the foundations of sustainable and enduring success.

Our products have been operating successfully in the market for more than two decades. During this time we have adhered to the following guiding principles:

  • Solutions that work in practice. We implement solutions for you and only for you.
  • Innovation is effective if we achieve benefits for our customers.
  • We have for many years published the source code of ArchivistaDMS, ArchivistaERP and ArchivistaVM (functionality based on ArchivistaBox Community) under the GPL licence, just as we almost exclusively work with open source products.
  • We use open (standardised) file formats so that the data also belongs to you tomorrow as well.
  • Impeccable support forms the backbone of successful cooperation with you.

As you can see, Archivista GmbH focuses on thinking and acting with a long-term perspective – since long ago, now and in the future.


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