ArchivistaVM Server: spoilt for choice

The Archivista VM server comes in four performance classes. All models, except for the ArchivistaVM Budget server, are available in a standard and plus version. More detailed information can be found at the online store. Please note that prices include one year maintenance and support. From the 2nd year onwards (option for extending), a 20% maintenance fee is charged. In return, you receive a replacement box free of charge at any time if yours fails, support within 4 or 8 hours, as well as all updates free of charge.

ArchivistaVM Server Budget: high performance for the lowest possible price

For just SFR 1991.00 (excl. maintenance fees and VAT) you can expect a high level of performance. However, this entry-level package also includes a fast six-core CPU, two redundant (hot swappable) hard drives, 16 GB RAM (opt. 128 GB), as well as the option to run the Archivista VM server in an array with other ArchivistaVM servers.

ArchivistaVM Server Summit: plenty of hard-drive capacity in the smallest space (33 x 26 x 10 cm)

The Summit server offers plenty of power in the tiniest space. No other housing offers six hot swappable hard drives in such a small area. With the latest 4 TB hard drives, up to 12 TB (redundant, native 24 TB) can be accomplished in a 33 x 26 x 10 cm space. Thanks to a fast eight-core CPU, the Summit solution achieves a performance which can certainly compete with traditional servers in rack format. In terms of power consumption, less than 100 Watts are used for four hard drives when operating under full load. When operating under medium load, consumption is significantly lower.

ArchivistaVM Server Universal:
6 hard drives and 16 CPU cores

The Universal server offers enormous performance potential. Up to 800 MB throughput per second (using traditional hard drives), along with a high-performance 16-core processor (CPU), result in extremely high levels of power for virtualization at an affordable price. The standard version has six hard drives built in.

With VM Servers there’s no need for special server rooms

All four models are suitable for operation without special server rooms. Several ArchivistaVM servers can be combined with each other as required (e.g. 2x Universal, 3x Budget). In this way, virtualization clusters can be set up for a price for which, quite frankly, you wouldn’t even get the licenses for other solutions.


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