Community Version

Free ArchivistaBox in the cloud

The ArchivistaBox Cloud is available for free use. Register free of charge and use ArchivistaDMS and ArchivistaERP directly on our servers. Whether you just want to get to know the ArchivistaBox better or you want to run your own archive on the Internet, our cloud solution is equally available to everyone. Use of the services is permitted for both private and commercial purposes. The following restrictions apply: Max. 20 GByte per customer, 1 concurrent user and furthermore, the content may not be made public, nor is it permitted to upload content whose storage is illegal under Swiss law. Click here to register: ArchivistaBox Cloud (Document Management plus ERP)

Unlike the sources of ArchivistaDMS, ArchivistaERP and ArchivistaVM, which are subject to the GPL license, this is not the case with the manual, the translations (strings) and the logos. You may not copy, modify or redistribute the manual, strings and/or our logos. Archivista is a registered word/image trademark. Therefore, it is not allowed to use it in any other form than on the unmodified ISO file(s).

The previous mini version is no longer available. Instead, we recommend using AVMultimedia and installing AQemu.

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