Office files and mails

Open Source Office and mail archiving fully integrated

Paffhausen, Switzerland – 18th Janaury 2009: The latest ArchivistaBox 2009/I release facilitates easy, fully-automated processing of well over 200 Office document formats directly in the ArchivistaBox. The new mail archiving function also allows entire IMAP mail folders to be fully archived.

In Office and mail archiving, incoming documents are converted to image documents in the ArchivistaBox. This means that all documents can be displayed directly in the web browser without the need for external plug-ins.

When Office documents are imported, the text is also extracted so that it is always available for free text searches. The original versions (e.g. Word and Excel files) also flow into the document management system (DMS) and can, of course, be retrieved again for processing. The user merely has to upload Office files or download them again in order to process them.

Archiving mail folders has become just as simple. In WebAdmin, the user simply determines the folder to be archived and the ArchivistaBox takes care of the rest without any further input. As one would expect, archived mail can also be returned to an active email account at any time.

The ArchivistaBoxes are delivered in box-based form on minicomputers. The Dolder ArchivistaBox weighs in at only 0.4 kg., while the Eiger ArchivistaBox (which can accommodate 6 million documents and is designed to be up to 100% hardware redundant) weighs just over 3kg. ArchivistaBoxes can be interconnected to form a document cluster and virtualised ArchivistaBoxes are also available. This means that ArchivistaBox solutions can be implemented on any scale at fixed prices.

An additional new feature of the 2009/I release is the facility to update the solution to the latest version while it is running. The installable Live and ISO files can be downloaded from The ArchivistaBoxes can be purchased directly from the manufacturer or from partners at Prices start at around EUR 400 for a complete ArchivistaBox (including support, updates and a maintenance contract).