Web on the Desk

Web-based work on the Desktop

We at Archivista GmbH are convinced that web-based applications have considerable advantages – such as doing away with the need for sometimes costly and time consuming installations. Also, the application is always available and a web-application can be started much quicker than is the case with traditional applications.

However, there are cases and applications that should normally not be based on the Internet. This is where the ArchivistaBox comes in, as it gives you the choice of how and where to put it to use.

The best of Web and Desktop united in the ArchivistaBox

You can use the ArchivistaBox as a stand alone application, or operate it on the Intranet and/or Internet. And with each of these options you have the choice of working with or without activated encryption. You alone decide to who and how your data is accessible. And if you want to connect multiple ArchivistaBoxes to each other then that is also no problem. Whether it is a matter of two or even more machines, an ArchivistaCluster will be ready for you in minutes.

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