You don’t need to move mountains? We are happy to help…

Benefit from our many years of experience in the following fields:

  • ArchivistaBox Systems
  • Virtualisation with ArchivistaVM server
  • Implementing DMS Systems
  • Long-term Archiving
  • Data Conversion
  • ERP Integration
  • Open source (incl. heterogeneous networks)
  • Scanner Evaluation
  • Agile Software Development (Perl, PHP, Ruby)
  • Text Recognition and Processing
  • Barcode and Form Data Processing

We offer the complete range of services relating to these fields. A number of our core areas are presented on the following pages.

Whether you quite simply just want independent and neutral consulting services or if you desire a customised solution that is 100% tailored to your particular needs, we would be happy to provide a quotation for you based on our skills, experience and our network of specialists.

Get in touch with us! We can help you either on a project basis or we can prepare authoritative quotations for individual orders.

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