Dolder: Same price as 10 years ago

Anniversary event at the prices of 10 years ago (including ArchivistaBox)

Pfaffhausen, 3rd November 2008: It was 10 years ago yesterday that we launched our first Archivista Newsletter (German, November 1998). The Newsletter is still worth reading today. The timing claims we made, for example those concerning the time saved by comparison with “conventional” filing of documents, are still up-to-date (see page 7), and the reasons why we are able to offer Archivista at these prices (see page 8) have remained approximately the same.

And there’s more: on page 6 you will find the selling price to be sFr. 439.- as it was then – for the single-user version (including OCR recognition). The software (and nowadays there is a difference here) was supplied as a Windows installation program, whereas today we supply the software plusthe ArchivistaBox. That is to say, nowadays the hardware comes too.

Not that the setup program was wildly complicated 10 years ago. But then, as now, the connecting-up of scanners, the preparation of backup data storage media and the setting-up of a service (e.g. WebServer) was time-consuming and not always child’s play. There were years in which we charged a flat rate of sFr. 500.– for the setting-up of a document scanner on an single computer, and, to be honest, the service was good, albeit barely covering our costs. With the ArchivistaBox, that is all a thing of the past, because the complete solution (including all scanner drivers) is supplied as a single ArchivistaBox.

We now deliver the ArchivistaBox as well, all for the price of the software ten years ago

Admittedly, this means that we may have to deliver the hardware (with the exception of virtualised solutions), but we are nevertheless proud to be able to provide you now with the solution including ArchivistaBox to the price of the software as it was then. We repeat, at that time the software cost sFr. 439.–, and today you can get the software and the hardware together (i.e. the ArchivistaBox Dolder) for the same price. At this point, I should also point out that we can maintain this price up until the end of 2008. After that, ArchivistaBox Dolder will cost 11.6% more.

None the less, the effective cost remains the same as it was 10 years ago, because between March 1998 and September 2008 the increase in the cost of living in Switzerland (refer cost-of-living calculator) came to exactly 11.6%.

GreenIT then and now

The ArchivistaBox Dolder is our newest ArchivistaBox. It weighs in at no more than 400 g, is supplied complete, without any cooling fan being required or supplied, and currently comes complete with a 32 GB flash drive. And another thing that we are proud of is that in operation the ArchivistaBox only needs between 4 and 5 Watts of power, i.e. it consumes approximately 50 to 100 times less energy than a conventional server nowadays. Whilst there are others in marketing who talk about GreenIT, we are quite happy to simply supply a product whose annual consumption will amount to just a few Swiss francs/euros worth of electricity, not to mention that ArchivistaBox Dolder is exceptionally environmentally friendly.

The recommended page quantities are guidelines

ArchivistaBox Dolder is available from our WebShop. With ArchivistaBox Dolder, you can manage up to 20,000 documents or approximately 100,000 pages per directory. You can easily process hundreds of pages per day with ArchivistaBox Dolder. To go with ArchivistaBox Dolder, we recommend the Fujitsu Scanner S510. With this, you can scan up to 24 colour pages (at 300 dpi) per minute. And at this point, we should mention that the quantities we supply are guideline figures. With these page quantities, we provide unrestricted support and assure you that the capacity is correct. If, at a later stage, you should need to process more pages/documents per day, then you can migrate from to a more rapid ArchivistaBox at any time.