Plug and play with the ArchivistaBox concept

The ArchivistaBox concept involves ready-to-use fully equipped DMS and ERP systems, which are ready-to-use without further implementation work, and which are supplied in various models. This results in a number of benefits:

  • Very simple installation
  • Web-based service and maintenance
  • Modular system structure
  • Scanner integration
  • Backup strategy
  • Platform independent

In addition, we offer the ArchivistaBox with a dual licensing concept. The ArchivistaBoxes are supplied with support and maintenance in order to ensure smooth running of the application and allow scope for continuing development. The source code is freely available within the context of a GPL-licence.

Redundancy, virtualisation and ArchivistaClusters

ArchivistaBoxes can be deployed with a wide range of levels of implementation. For large solutions, redundancy can be achieved by using two ArchivistaBoxes. Furthermore, all ArchivistaBoxes can be virtualised. And if the volume of documents is already high or will grow in the future, additional ArchivistaBoxes can be connected as scanning or processing stations – forming a complete ArchivistaCluster.


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