ArchivistaBox Universal

Higher performance at a lower price

Pfaffhausen, 8 February 2010: we announced this some time ago at the end-of-year review for 2009, but the time has now come. After almost five years, we are pleased to present the second generation of ArchivistaBox. But let's take a brief look back over the past five years.

In 2005, we brought the first generation of ArchivistaBox to market. After lengthy tests, we decided to use small embedded box systems. Originally, we planned to set up only the smaller and mid-sized solutions with the ArchivistaBox. But it became apparent that our customers selected the ArchivistaBox solution whenever possible — individual solutions were soon the exception and/or disappeared from the scene altogether within one to two years.

Just as an aside, the price of the ArchivistaBox Rigi back then was more than double that of the ArchivistaBox Rigi II today, while the ArchivistaBox Dolder II now costs only a third of the original price. How is that possible? Very simple, we pass the lower purchase prices for our hardware on to our customers.

From now on, hardware is included with each ArchivistaBox

And as hardware prices continued to fall, we went one step further in 2010. With each ArchivistaBox, you now receive the hardware as part of the basic price. For instance, the ArchivistaBox Pilatus was previously priced at SFR 3,910.00, but the new ArchivistaBox Pilatus only costs SFR 3,000.00. As already mentioned, this price reduction is due to the fact that the hardware is now no longer calculated separately.

And precisely because, as of now, the same base units are used for all ArchivistaBox models, we call the ArchivistaBoxes ArchivistaBox Universal. This has the advantage that we can upgrade any ArchivistaBox at any time. For you, this means that you can start with an ArchivistaBox Säntis, for example, and then later switch to a redundant ArchivistaBox Titlis. You simply pay the price difference between the two box models. Upgrading the box is included in each price.

The choice between hardware solution and virtualization

At this point, we would also like to add that, as of now, you can choose how you would like your ArchivistaBox to be shipped. With the classic version, you receive an ArchivistaBox with a standard setup, i.e. you can start with the ArchivistaBox plug and play.

For the ArchivistaVM option, our virtualization solution is deployed to start with. Within ArchivistaVM, you then find the virtual ArchivistaBox(es). By the way, all ArchivistaBoxes, starting from Säntis II, already include quad-core processors so that you are then welcome to set up one or two additional operating systems alongside the virtual ArchivistaBox.

For a purely virtual ArchivistaBox, the ArchivistaBox is deployed on your virtualization platform. In this case, you do not receive a physical ArchivistaBox. Instead, the virtual ArchivistaBoxes can be conveniently integrated into your platform. We currently provide support for VMWare, VirtualBox, XEN and KVM.

ArchivistaBox Titlis II: 10 million pages and/or 1 million files, redundancy and virtualization at an affordable price

Finally, we would like to leave you with a tip regarding how to select your ArchivistaBox. With the ArchivistaBox Titlis II, you receive both redundancy (2 boxes) and a virtual cluster (8 cores) for just SFR 4,500.00 or €3,000.00. And, unlike before, for the ArchivistaBox Titlis II you now receive support for up to 10 million pages and/or 1 million files per database. Naturally, this example includes the hardware and software (virtualization and DMS) and support for the first 12 months. The maintenance agreement includes 8 hours response time in the event of a malfunction, as well as free replacement within one business day, if the box is defective.

All ArchivistaBox models are available from our online store. All ArchivistaBoxes are in stock at our warehouse. And if you would like to see our ArchivistaBoxes in action, please feel free to attend one of our OpenFridays.



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