Multimedia archives and virtualization made easy

We all know the problem. The hardware doesn’t cost the earth anymore, but woe betide anyone who presses the wrong button on the server computer. Entire computer landscapes come to a standstill, and often hours or even days pass before the original state of a server is restored. It’s hard to imagine what would happen if the server gave up the ghost on Day X. Often days pass until a new server is set up correctly, and the costs for implementing the server today easily exceed the purchase price of the server itself.

Multimedia servers for audio and video management

The ArchivistaDom, ArchivistaK2 and ArchivistaEverest models leave nothing to be desired when it comes to powerful hardware for multimedia archives. From a simple 4 core at 10 TByte up to 64 cores (128 threads) with up to 200 TByte, there is a suitable ArchivistaBox for every requirement and budget.

Virtualization as a server-in-server environment

This is where virtualization comes in. Instead of installing an operating system directly on a computer (server), management software is first installed on a powerful computer. Guest operating systems can then be installed in this software. In the process, these guest systems “believe” that they are being installed on a physical computer. However, the virtualization software only “simulates” the entire computer for the guest; processors, main memory, hard disks, screen, in short everything that belongs to a full-blown computer, is made available.

And because the guest operating systems do not run directly on a physical computer, we speak of virtualization, because the operating systems are only installed virtually on a server.

ArchivistaMediaVM: Set up in 30 seconds

You think this is impossible! No server can be set up in 30 seconds! Come and see us or one of our partners and we will be happy to show you live in action how easy it is to set up the ArchivistaBox in 30 seconds. The advantages over conventional virtualization solutions are enormous:

  • Proven ArchivistaBox concept (everything from a single source)
  • Simple installation in 30 seconds
  • Excellent price/performance ratio: from sFr. 990.00
  • Installation guests (operating systems) directly in the browser
  • Virtual screen via any web browser
  • Expandability: ArchivistaVM servers in a network (cluster mode)
  • OpenSource (AVMultimedia)
  • Instances can be migrated in live mode
  • Replacement box within 8 or 4 hours business time for Gold/Platinum maintenance
  • Distribution via WebShop and qualified distribution partners
  • Low power consumption of 80-100 watts
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