Open ource

Openness and Confidence

Every version of ArchivistaDMS, ArchivistaERP and ArchivistaVM is published under the auspices of the open source GPL Licence. You thus receive openness, confidence and many other benefits at the same time.

By virtue of open source, you always have an insight into our workflows. You therefore over many years need to have no reservations that the ArchivistaBox will, negligently or deliberately, fall into the Update “trap”. ArchivistaDMS, ArchivistaERP and ArchivistaVM fall under the GPL licence (v2), which means that the source code must be publicised. You can find the sources of ArchivistaDMS, ArchivistaERP and ArchivistaVM at (the Open Source edition uses the same code as the commercial ArchivistaBox version that we deploy).

Source code for all, ArchivistaBox, updates und support for customers

And what is the difference between the source code and the ArchivistaBox that one can purchase? When purchasing an ArchivistaBox you receive (in contrast to the source code) a ready to use solution, contractually agreed service that covers all updates and support requirements.

ArchivistaBox: Everything from one source

By using an ArchivistaBox you also receive everything from one source. This means that there needs to be no discussion of if a problem has arisen due to the hardware, the operating system or our solution. We assume 100% responsibility for each and every component. It is our business to ensure that your business now and in the future efficiently masters the ArchivistaBox, which is what we and our partners vouch for.

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