Version 2015/V

Bachtel with scanner for CHF 499.00 / Euro = 1.10

Egg, 19.5.2015: The ArchivistaBox Bachtel can now be purchased with the Fujitsu scanner iX500 for CHF 499.00 (incl. VAT). This way, lower purchase costs for the scanners are passed on directly to our customers. These price reductions apply to virtually all scanner models on offer. On the other hand, we had to make a euro price adjustment from 1.20 to 1.10, whereby the ArchivistaBox Bachtel is a very affordable option for our customers abroad. The ArchivistaBox Community is even more cost-effective; unlike before, this is now also free in the commercial sector. For ArchivistaVM customers the 2015/V version is important because the recently occurring Venom bug has been eliminated in this version.


Combo package for small budgets

The combo pack with ArchivistaBox Dolder and scanner for CHF 999.00 (incl. VAT) appeared on the market one year ago. The new combo offer with ArchivistaBox Bachtel and Fujitsu scanner iX500 for CHF 499.00 represents an offer which enabled the former bundled price to be halved within a year. The 2015/V version has many exciting features compared to last year:

ArchivistaDMS: Parallel text recognition (OCR) with quad-core processor, processing of any documents from multifunctional devices thanks to job control, processing of ESR payment slips (e-banking) directly in ArchivistaDMS.

ArchivistaERP: Openly configured web-based ERP solution directly on the ArchivistaBox Bachtel with the following modules: sales, purchasing, inventory, production, general ledger (GL). Interfaces to every other solution thanks to batch mode (programme activation via HTTP requests).

The first year of maintenance for the ArchivistaBox Bachtel is included in the bundled price. After this period, the maintenance agreement costs CHF 99.90 (incl. VAT) per year. This includes the further development of ArchivistaDMS and ArchivistaERP, a response time of 8 business hours for support, and free replacement of the ArchivistaBox Bachtel in the event of a hardware defect.

New euro exchange rate at 1.10 (previously 1.20) and full price list

As of today the euro exchange rate has been adapted to the conditions of the market from 1.20 to 1.10. Nevertheless, the conversion rate remains above the current market level by a few percentage points (currently approximately 1.03 to 1.04). The prices are adjusted in 0.10 increments once the exchange rate declines.

Of course, this means slightly higher prices for customers abroad. In the lower price segment, however, the ArchivistaBox Bachtel represents a very cost-effective product, such that our customers in the EU can purchase an ArchivistaBox that still costs 50% less compared to last year.

Thanks to ArchivistaERP, updated full price lists are available now. These are in Swiss francs and in euros.

ArchivistaBox Community now without “Private Use” limitation

From now on, the ArchivistaBox Community can be operated in our cloud, even in the commercial sector. There is no longer a Private Use limitation for the Community version. This provides the option of operating hosted ArchivistaDMS as well as ArchivistaERP in the commercial sector. Those who would like support in this regard can purchase corresponding support hours through our web shop. Otherwise the Forum is free of charge, but we make no claim that questions posted there will be answered by us.

Venom bug eliminated in ArchivistaVM 2015/V

For years now, ArchivistaVM has been running reliably for our customers. And yet a bug can occur in the code. Specifically, the Venom bug involves KVM containing a floppy driver that allows virtualised guests in some cases to access either the host computer (ArchivistaVM) or other virtualised guests. The bug had existed since the programming of the driver in 2004, until it was discovered a few days ago during a security audit of the code.