ScanBox Albis

The smallest ArchivistaBox manages 70 colour pages at 300 dpi per minute

Pfaffhausen, 9 June, 2009: We are very happy to be able to introduce the entirely new ArchivistaBox today – which is called Albis. With the Albis ScanBox, we not only bring the smallest ArchivistaBox ever to the market (the AlbisBox weighs just 148g), but we can even make an irresistible offer in terms of the price, since the ArchivistaBox Albis costs just 390 Swiss Francs or 300 Euros.

And let me explain why we could develop the ArchivistaBox Albis on these terms. In general, the prices for ArchivistaBoxes are very competitive. Not only is there barely another box-based DMS solution on the market, but our systems also scale extremely well in all classes (precisely because of the box concept).

With the scan stations (the models Mythen and Rothorn) we could until now only provide a limited number of unconditionally brilliant offers, since the scan stations were nothing but server models slimmed down in terms of software. This resulted in the scan station machines containing on the one hand almost too much power (e.g., hard drive, RAM), but on the other hand they couldn't be 100% optimized for scanning because all ArchivistaBox server services were also running.

In contrast, the ArchivistaBox Albis provides 100% scanning performance. Thus, this little box contains only moderate hardware performance (32 Mb RAM, 8 Mb flash disk), but has been optimized for scanning to such an extent that it can easily process 70 images per minute in colour and at 300 dpi. Currently, Canon and Fujitsu document scanners are supported. The ArchivistaBox Albis has optimal symbiotic operation with a Fujitsu fi-6130. With the ArchivistaBox Albis, you scan by using either a keyboard's number pad or the scanner's own keys — a task that works particularly well with the fi-6130.

To be honest, if someone had told me two years ago that, in 2009, a network-ready scanner with 70 images per minute, JPG scanning and automatic double-page recognition would exist for less than 2,000 Swiss Francs or 1,300 Euros, I would have called that person crazy. We are, of course, especially happy that it is we that can provide such an offer.

For comparison's sake, we would like to point out that the manufacturers' optionally available network boxes cost around 800 Swiss Francs or 500 Euros. As stated, the ArchivistaBox Albis costs 390 Swiss Francs or 300 Euros. You will soon be able to obtain the ArchivistaBox Albis directly from our sales partners or in the online store. The appliances are then shipped directly from our storage facility. Something else I almost forgot to mention: we, of course, also ship the source code for the ArchivistaBox Albis, because the ArchivistaBox Albis is OpenSource and works with the freely available Sane drivers (as do all other ArchivistaBoxes).

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