What should I do when the ArchivistaBox is defect?

Important: The following information applies only to customers with a valid maintenance agreement. The relevant information for users without a maintenance agreement can be found here.

With a valid maintenance agreement: In order to structure the procedures for returning/repairing/replacing defect goods, Archivista GmbH uses an RMA process. RMA stands for ‘Return Merchandise Authorisation’. If you have purchased a device from us that is defect then the following applies:

  • Ask us for an RMA number, using the relevant form, via e-mail or fax.
  • After receiving the number send the device in its original packaging to Archivista GmbH, Stegstrasse 14, CH-8132 Egg, Switzerland.
  • All RMA consignments are to be accompanied by a meaningful error description.
  • Postage costs of the RMA device for sending to Archivista GmbH are borne by the customer.
  • Return postage costs of warranty goods will be borne by Archivista GmbH.
  • Return postage costs of cases covered by a maintenance agreement are borne by the customer.
  • Return postage costs are to be borne by those customers that send in technically faultless devices for repair where the suspected fault is due to individual configuration problems or incorrect software/hardware settings. A condition in such cases is the assumption that the return of the device could have been avoided if the customer had read either the Archivista-manual or the device’s documentation, or contacted the Archivista GmbH technical support department.
  • In the event of invalid claims (no faults detectable, operator errors), Archivista GmbH reserves the right to invoice the customer for any costs arising (error investigations / examination).

Otherwise, the General Business Terms and Conditions together with the RMA form, apply.

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