Year 2009

Many thanks for a fantastic 2009

Pfaffhausen, 23rd December, 2009: Another year is drawing to a close. In this, the twelfth year of our company’s history, we were able to present an unprecedented range of new products, which is why we have decided to revisit them briefly in this newsletter.

January: Somewhere between December 2008 and January 2009 came the time to release Office archiving. We were also able to supply mail archiving to the first customers at this point.

February: In February, we realised the ArchivistaBox for Netbooks, we had a second ArchivistaCD, the desktop variant, as well as virtualisation in our ArchivistaBox products themselves.

March: We were able to integrate the well-known sticky notes from the RichClient with the WebClient. This made it possible to apply the notes directly to the pages. It goes without saying that no additional plug-ins are required for this.

April: The WebClient is practically reprogrammed, making it possible to keep the size of the table flexible. Editing, searching and working with documents becomes significantly faster than before.

May: The lightest ever ArchivistaBox, the ArchivistaBox Albis is released, weighing in at just 150g. In contrast to our other ArchivistaBoxes, the Albis-Box is designed solely for scanning. Nonetheless, the small box can handle up to 70 coloured pages (300dpi) per minute and costs less than CHF 300.00 (excluding maintenance).

June: With the new Sphinx free text engine, we are now able to administer archives of sizes in excess of 10 million pages on a single ArchivistaBox. It even became possible to easily realise archives with 100 million pages or more with the ArchivistaBox.

July: The new ArchivistaBox Summit enables SMEs to realise virtualisation on modest budgets. The ArchivistaBox Summit packs a lot of power into a small space: A 4 terabyte hard disk with hardware RAID, 8 gigabytes of RAM (expandable), a quad-core processor, power consumption of no more than 100 Watts, entirely web-based virtualisation with KVM in cluster mode, to mention but a few highlights.

August: Appropriately for the new free text engine, the ArchivistaBox Matterhorn is released. This enables us to administer up to 6 terabytes (around 100 million pages) for less than CHF 10,000 on an ArchivistaBox weighing less than 5 kg. The ArchivistaBox Matterhorn makes it possible to administer a volume of files approximately twenty times greater than that of the previous flagship, the ArchivistaBox Eiger.

September: The ArchivistaBox Budget takes cost-effective virtualisation to another level. The quad-core machine with a 1.5 terabyte hard disk costs just EUR 700.00. Naturally, the price includes the hardware and the required software (Debian, KVM, ArchivistaVM).

October: The fact that we had installed a lot of virtualisation solutions for our customers meant that we were able to deal more intensively with the products from Microsoft. From this, we derived hints and tips for setting up Windows servers (in German) optimally. We also refined the Archivista VM solutions so that we could achieve a figure of 250 gigabytes per hour for data backup.


We’ve already begun working on new developments for 2010. It should be mentioned at this point that a large proportion of the ArchivistaBoxes will be delivered in a virtualised format in 2010. As far as prices are concerned, we have received many requests to offer some modules separately. We will be doing this and reducing the basic prices accordingly. As before, you will be able to choose between the hardware-based and the virtualised ArchivistaBox models. For the hardware-based boxes (the Pilatus Box and upwards), we will provide you with corresponding ArchivistaVM-Budget servers free of charge. The new products will be available to purchase around the beginning of January.

Company holiday: 24th December 2009 to 3rd January 2010

Our offices will remain closed from 24th December to 3rd January 2010 (inclusive). In the event of technical problems, customers with maintenance contracts can contact our hotline for support between 28th and 30th December. The reaction time for GOLD maintenance contracts is 8 business hours. For PLATINUM maintenance contracts, the reaction time is 4 hours. We would like to wish our customers, suppliers and everyone with whom we have worked in 2009 a happy festive season and all the best for 2010.