Starting now

Your personalised ArchivistaBox

Would you like to find out more or simply get going with the ArchivistaBox? An overview of our complete range is listed here.

Your personal Archivista point of contact

With the ArchivistaBox you receive a standard product with fixed conditions. The ArchivistaBox concept includes much more than this though. For every ArchivistaBox you will receive a personal point of contact – even before you have actually acquired an ArchivistaBox! All the contact details can be found here.

Test the ArchivistaBox now

Would you like to test the ArchivistaBox WebClient? A demo archive can be found at (no password required!) so that you can get going immediately. If you wish to test your own database then simply send us an e-mail and you will immediately receive access to a personal database.


It only takes about 1 to 2 minutes to construct your own ArchivistaCloud.

How much does the ArchivistaBox cost?

If you would like to find out what conditions apply when obtaining an ArchivistaBox, then you can find all the relevant prices in our Web Shop.

How do I order an ArchivistaBox?

The ArchivistaBox can be ordered directly from us or from our retail partners. We recommend without reservation to procure the ArchivistaBox from our Web Shop.

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