Lectures 2019

Saturday, 6 April: Linux-Infotag with ArchivistaBox in Augsburg, Germany

Egg, April 2, 2019: Next Saturday, April 6, 2019, the 18th Linux-Infotag will take place at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences. Linux-Infotag offers lectures and information stands on Linux, open source and creative applications of technology, science and education. We are happy to invite all customers and interests to this event. With von Parie we are with two lectures and an information stand.

13:15: Lecture AVMultimedia (in German)

In the first lecture AVMultimedia, a modern and slim Open Source Client based on the ArchivistaBox technology, will be presented in the new 2019 release.

Preamble: A little more than a year ago. The daughter (then 5th grade) brings a flyer from a computer media course at the school, on which there is only room for commercial (fee-based) programs and apps. Open Source: No chance. Is this really only possible with the commercial “stuff” or how easy can/must Linux be to prepare and publish multimedia content conveniently?

AVMultimedia is the “attempt” to make a multimedia control center available with Open Source in a lean and rank way. It is not only a question of not having to purchase any programs and apps that are subject to a fee, but primarily of avoiding having to hand over sovereignty over data and privacy (especially for children and young people).

AVMultimedia is based on the ArchivistaBox concept. This has the advantage that the operating system runs in the main memory and is strictly separated from the data (hard disk). After each restart, a “clean” computer is available.

In addition to the “historical background”, the lecture will show live how AVMultimedia can be put into operation with a USB stick on a new computer and via an existing installation (Windows/Linux). How does AVMultimedia work in practice? What are the primary programs? How can AVMultimedia be adapted to individual needs? The lecture will (hopefully) give short and concise answers to all these questions. The lecture will take place at 13:15 in room A of the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences and does not require any specific computer and/or Linux skills.

16:15: AVMini — Virtualization with KVM (in German)

In the second lecture AVMini, a lean virtualization server with KVM, will be presented. What is (server-)virtualization about, why is a cluster useful for all (even small) environments and for whom is AVMini the ideal choice?

Preamble: Since 2005, the ArchivistaBox has been distributed on the basis of a Linux distribution. The development is primarily virtualized, new versions are initially “only” installed and tested virtually (i.e. virtualized) on an existing computer. After there had been problems with the workstation version of the placebo again and again in the development, another solution — with Open Source — had to be found. AVMini is the attempt to give a radical answer.

With 80 MByte AVMini is a very slim Open Source server for virtualization of operating systems. AVMini runs in main memory (RAM) and occupies about 300 MByte. On the occasion of the lecture AVMini will be shown on an inexpensive but nevertheless powerful hardware. By means of a 2-er cluster it is shown how efficiently (10 GBit) the data can be held in real time on two computers in stock.

Due to its minimal size, AVMini can be run on almost any Intel/AMD hardware, special (expensive) server hardware is not necessary. In general, the motto is that (even powerful) virtualization is not a question of budget, some hardware construction plans are given as suggestions. The lecture will take place at 16:15 in room B of the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences. The lecture addresses itself to all Linux users/inside, who want to administer several computers. Knowledge of virtualization is not required.

AVMultimedia, AVMini and ArchivistaBox at info booth

In addition to the two presentations, there will be an information stand where you can get a taste of our products AVMultimedia, AVMini and various ArchivistaBoxes (ArchivistaDMS, ArchivistaVM and ArchivistaERP). And as always, we are available all day long for support and advice.

The Augsburger Linux-Infotag takes place for the 18th time. The event is by no means just aimed at “Linux cracks”, the program is rather diversified for work and leisure. Even families will find exciting topics. Two lectures should be mentioned here as representative of many of them: Which data does my browser actually send? (in German). And as an alternative to ArchivistaERP: Software for freelancers and small businesses (in German).

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