ArchivistaBox 2012/I

The new build concept

Pfaffhausen, 7 January 2012: In 2003, we began to convert the source code of our programs to an Open Source licence. In 2005, we published the whole code (ArchivistaDMS) under the GPLv2 licence, and since 2007, we have been working exclusively with open source code. Our primary objective has always been to add value for our customers. Open source code makes cooperation between providers and customers much more efficient, changes can be traced as far back as necessary, and the customer can/may (if desired) extend the code. We are pleased that the 2012/I version allows us to add value for our customers again.

New CD on request is available from ArchivistaBox 2012/I

Until recently, there was a new release every few months. The code changes were introduced initially in the Community version, stabilised and finally provided to customers with stable builds. If required, customers could access the Community version as well. However, use of the Community version did also have drawbacks for our customers. Due to the new features introduced in the Community version, it was sometimes the case that the new Community versions were not yet stable enough for the productive rigours of the business environment. We have of course always made our customers aware of any stability issues related to new Community releases in the past, although in practice, hardly anyone reads the information about the released source code when using the one-click online update.

For this reason, we now offer our customers a CD together with the ArchivistaBox 2012/I upon request. Since it takes just a few seconds to create an updated CD (previously it took approx. 20 hours to do this for all customers), we can offer to do this virtually in real time (on-the-fly). While this new version can be created at any time, it is only created if the customer requires it. At the same time, the customer can (again, if desired) carry out a test run. Thanks to virtualisation, there is now a test instance available with every ArchivistaBox in addition to the production environment. CD on request is now available to all customers.

Differences between the Community version and the Business edition

Users of the Community version also benefit from the new build concept. They can always receive up-to-date CDs; and will therefore not have to wait until the following day to receive a new CD. Since we have been receiving an increasing number of enquiries about the differences between the free Community version and the commercial Business edition, which is available for a fee, we would like to list them here.


ArchivistaVM Community version Business edition
Target group Private use without support Businesses/personal use incl. support
Hardware Without hardware With or without hardware
Use Private use only Commercial use
Manual Mini manual (100 pages) PDF file (300 pages) and online
Stability Daily builds (for new features) Build-on-request (one CD per customer)
Hard disks 2 disks (RAID1) Up to 24 disks (RAID1, RAID10, RAID0)
Virtualization Support for 1 socket Support for any number of sockets
Cluster mode DRBD without RAID DRDB with RAID


ArchivistaDMS Community version DMS Business edition DMS
Virtualisation included, without cluster mode included, without cluster mode
Documents <20000 20000 to unlimited (dep. on the type of box)
Table size <20 GB of data >20 GB to unlimited (dep. on the type of box)
Users < 4, may not be exceeded 1 up to unlimited (dep. on the licence)
Databases 1, may not be exceeded 1 database per user
Office files Yes, without versioning Yes, with versioning
FTP/scanning Yes, no support for scanner Yes, with support for certified scanners
OCR Cuneiform and Tesseract OCR In addition, commercial OCR
Barcodes No, trial version upon request Yes (optional from ArchivistaBox Rigi)
COLD No, trial version upon request Yes (optional from ArchivistaBox Säntis)
Mails No, trial version upon request Yes (optional from ArchivistaBox Pilatus)
Forms No, trial version upon request Yes (optional from ArchivistaBox Pilatus)
Updates Offline update using a stick/CD Offline using a stick/CD and online update

Low implementation costs thanks to the use of open source

The most important difference between the Community and the Business edition cannot be presented in a table, because every purchased ArchivistaBox is far more than just a piece of hardware/software. With ArchivistaBox, customers (whether through a distribution partner or directly from us) receive a total concept. Even the best software is ultimately only as good as the implementation work behind it. This also applies to open source solutions (ArchivistaDMS, ArchivistaERP and the Community version of ArchivistaVM are open source, and the source code is freely available). Open source is often misunderstood in this respect. The most important feature of open source software is not the fact that it does not cost anything. Far more important is the freedom to have the source code widely available and thereby to create better and more efficient solutions.

Here is an example: while it is great (and it would not have been possible without open source) that an ArchivistaBox can be set up in less than a minute, this does not necessarily mean that the ArchivistaBox has been implemented efficiently and suitably with regard to specific requirements. We are happy to take tim
e to address these and other issues. Give it a go – the first consultation is free of charge. Whether and in what form you need assistance after that will depend on you and your specific requirements. There are business customers who purchase the solution based on the first telephone call and make specific changes themselves. In other cases, thanks to open source, you receive (with support from us or our sales partners) a very lean, customised solution that fits your needs perfectly. This is always based on the motto: rather than your business adapting to our solutions, we can implement our solutions for you in your specific environment.

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