ArchivistaBox 2010/III

New release concept and new functionality

Pfaffhausen, 9 February 2010: with the first official ArchivistaBox release in 2010 we are introducing a new release concept. Customers who are purchasing or have purchased an ArchivistaBox can obtain it directly from our website. The open source version continues to be available at This allows us to ensure that, while our customers always receive a stable version during installation, we can at the same time publish new versions more quickly. We highly recommend that our customers access the stable versions. However, the online update is set up in such a way that customers can also import an ‘unstable’ test version (at their own risk!). But now let's take a look at the innovations in version 2010/III

Flexible scan definitions (scan codes)

A code can now be assigned to scan definitions. In addition, scan definitions can be temporarily deactivated.

Note Field in WebClient

This function was added to achieve 100% compatibility with RichClient.

Central Script Management in WebAdmin

Until now, the processing scripts had to be deployed individually to the different ArchivistaBox systems (master box, scan station 1, scan station 2, etc.) Now the scripts can be managed centrally on the master.

Backup with USB hard drives across several backups

Common USB hard drives are becoming ever larger. You can therefore now decide during data backup how many old backups should remain on the USB drive before a backup copy is permanently deleted.

Automatic keyword assignment with PDF Creator

This function requires the virtual printer ‘PDF Creator’. The program is open source and you can obtain the current version 0.9.9 at PDF Creator is a virtual Windows printer that creates PDF files. After creating a PDF file, PDF Creator can call up additional programs in the background. It is this functionality that we use to create a PDF file with PDF Creator, then upload that file to the ArchivistaBox, and finally call up the WebClient to open the uploaded file and/or immediately assign keywords to it. This allows you to assign keywords to printed files immediately after printing, without having to first search for the associated file.

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