Cost accounting

Low Costs from 1st Year

Before you make up your mind about the ArchivistaBox, we would like to demonstrate by means of a cost calculation what costs you should reckon with over 10 years.

Each page costs 1.6 cents over 10 years

Let’s assume that 50 documents, with an average of three pages each, are to be archived every day – which means 150 pages per day, and thus during each 5 day working week 750 pages, or 250 records, are filed in the archive. Each year (assuming 50 weeks) this means that 12,500 records, or 37,500 pages, are stored, and over 10 years this equates to 375,000 pages or 125,000 records. For this we thus recommend the ArchivistaBox Pilatus with 9 users. Together with the Fujitsu-Scanner 510, the implementation costs amount to approx. 3000 euros.

With the Gold Maintenance Agreement in place one must calculate with an additional 300 euros per year, which results in total costs over 10 years of another 3000 euros, making 6000 euros in total. Against this there are 375,000 pages archived – which works out at a cost of 1.6 eurocents per page over a period of 10 years. It doesn’t matter if you or your customers or suppliers work with colour or in black and white. Without the ArchivistaBox you would have had to print these pages out. Even when you only print in black and white, the paper and printing costs would cost at least twice or three times as much.

Already with only 50 documents you save 2600 hours over 10 years

Digital archives need about the same expenditure of effort for recording documents as is the case with traditional filing. However, usually 60% of the supporting documents originate from the own company or from the ERP system; these documents can be automatically processed, which means that already almost one third of the costs of creating records has been saved. Instead of 50 documents you now only need to process 20 of them by hand – which works out at a saving of 30 minutes per day if one assumes that it takes one minute per record and 30 records are automatically archived.

Each time something is accessed in the archives there also arises a time saving of approximately 1 minute (15 instead of 75 seconds). Even when each member of staff only access the archives 3 times a day, a further half an hour is saved per day (10×3 queries). In total then 5 hours are saved each week, which equates to 260 hours per year, assuming a 52 week working year, and 2600 hours saved over 10 years – at the same time as only spending about a third of the equivalent printing costs.

Note: you can adjust the calculation to your own situation by raising or reducing the volumes; with less documentation the printing costs increase, with more documentation the corresponding potential time savings are greater.


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