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Test AVMultimedia and win!

Egg, May 22, 2019: If you visit our website you will find a lot of information about the new Linux desktop AVMultimedia, but you won’t find much information about our core products of the ArchivistaBox. The following blog shows why this is not a contradiction. There is also the possibility of becoming Archivista champion in three categories by 31 August.

Once upon a time there was the ArchivistaBox

The current ArchivistaBox systems are kept up-to-date on an ongoing basis. The visionary concept of 2005 to deliver our products on one box, the ArchivistaBox, was considerably expanded in 2010 with the switch to 64 Bit. A few years later, we switched to RAM mode.

Since this time, all ArchivistaBoxes are no longer installed on hard disks, but are set up directly in the main memory from the stick or ISO file. This visionary concept also forms the most important cornerstone for the new AVMultimedia desktop.

This has the advantage that the operating system does not “load” the hard disks. Especially with the new SSD disks, this is an advantage because the disks last about three times as long without the load of the operating system as is the case with conventional operating systems.

Nevertheless, our current ArchivistaBox systems are perceived as rather spartan, even if the ArchivistaBox can be operated up to powerful clusters.

From a technological point of view, the world has now developed massively since 2005. More and more information is being conveyed via audio and video. So far, this information can “only” be transported to the archive via the Zip files. In this respect, the ArchivistaBox cannot quite keep up with the latest achievements.

The future is AVMultimedia

The ArchivistaBox will now come in a more modern look. The future ArchivistaBoxes will be based on AVMultimedia. This opens up many new possibilities. Countless sound and video formats will be an integral part of the ArchivistaBox. The new ArchivistaBox will also be able not only to store these files, but also to edit them directly on any ArchivistaBox.

The core applications will remain 100 percent web-based. No one will have to work with the new AVMultimedia desktop, nor will it be necessary to install additional software on the clients that communicate with an ArchivistaBox.

What will be new is that ArchivistaBoxes will be given many new multimedia options for processing information that have not been available so far. What will also be new is that the ArchivistaBox will run on notebooks like tablets — here, too, there will be many additional uses.

Archivista Power Champion

The ArchivistaBox is at the service of our customers. Therefore we would like to invite all current users to test AVMultimedia and become Power-Champion.

Anyone who creates a video on ArchivistaBox or AVMultimedia by 31 August 2018 will be chosen as Archivista Power Champion (1st place among all entries). The reward is either an AVMultimedia tablet or a credit note of the same amount.

Anyone who has previously worked with the ArchivistaBox can take part. It is important that the company agrees that the contribution may be used for advertising purposes — and of course yes, the video may not be created at the expense of working hours.

Archivista Newcomer Champion

Anyone who has not yet used the ArchivistaBox, but is currently considering purchasing one, can order an AVMultimedia tablet. He receives an ArchivistaBox Bachtel or a credit note for the full amount of the tablet for every other ArchivistaBox, provided he submits a video to AVMultimedia. The offer is valid until 31 August 2019. The AVMultimedia tablet can be ordered here.

At the same time, the Archivista newcomer champion will be chosen from all entries. In this case, he will either receive a second AV multimedia tablet or the amount for the paid device will be credited.

Archivista English Champion

All those who are interested in AVMultimedia but are not (yet) interested in an ArchivistaBox can also become Archivista Champions. Simply create an AVMultimedia video in English and send it in by August 31, 2019. The best entry will receive an AVMultimedia tablet free of charge.

How to become Archivista Champion

All videos must be submitted by 31 August 2019. Contributions can be sent via USB stick or uploaded to ArchivistaClound. Customers can also submit contributions in the temp order of the ArchivistaBox (if there is remote maintenance via SSH). In addition, a mail must be sent to, informing the user of the participation or, in particular, the category.

The winners will be published (incl. the contributions) on the homepage and notified by e-mail or telephone. Minimum age for participation is 10 years, employees of Archivista GmbH and their families are excluded from participation. The contributions must be between one and three minutes long and may not exceed a size of 128 MByte. All contributions must be made in FullHD (1920×1080 pixels). Entries in several categories are possible.


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