Cluster in 100 seconds

100 seconds to set up a cluster with ArchivistaVM

Dornbirn, 26 November 2011: At this year’s we introduced the new cluster solution for ArchivistaVM. The well-attended presentation triggered a great deal of amazement and chuckling. Many were surprised that it is at all possible to create a fully automated cluster network with such modest effort in less than 2 minutes. On the other hand, while the practical examples sounded familiar, they had rarely been so succinctly encapsulated.

Automated setup for the cluster network

For the third consecutive year, we gave a presentation on ArchivistaVM at While in 2009 we mainly used the presentation to share our first experiences with ArchivistaVM 1.x, last year we introduced the new version 2.0 aka the ArchivistaBox 64-bit. In 2010, we needed 100 seconds to set up ArchivistaBox; today, it is possible to set up the whole cluster in the same time.

Those who could not attend the presentation should refer to the demo. We have also released the presentation notes. The demo shows how a cluster can be set up in a fully automated way using three computers. The background to this is described in the notes (in German).

The new cluster solution is available with immediate effect, i.e. we are already using it productively. Customers who run a SwissRocket cluster can always upgrade to the new version. The new solution is immediately available for use as part of new projects.

Those who want to set up a cluster with ArchivistaVM will find the instructions in the notes (in German). We can reveal at this point that the solution already works with ArchivistaVM budget servers (model 2011). Of course, it is also possible to run the solution with SwissRocket model series.