ArchivistaVM Summit

Windows and Linux virtualisation with KVM for SME

Pfaffhausen, 7 July, 2009: During development of the ArchivistaBox Matterhorn, we were confronted with a proposal to provide virtualisation in a classic SME company as part of a customer project. The initial proposal from the customer's hardware provider included a six-figure sum for establishing a virtualised infrastructure.

The customer came to us with an enquiry: could we offer a virtualisation solution with Ubuntu? As a result, we provided two proposals: a rack server and an ArchivistaBox Matterhorn. The stated and realised goal was to implement a solution for a four-figure sum in Swiss Francs. Since we could offer a better price-performance ratio with the ArchivistaBox Matterhorn, the customer decided to use the box-based solution.

That's why there is the ArchivistaVM Summit

While looking at Ubuntu more closely, we found a virtualisation product that excited us very much and which fits the requirements of a SME enterprise very well. Firstly, Debian Lenny is used. Furthermore, KVM is offered for the virtualisation and (here we weren't satisfied with Ubuntu) there is a graphical web-based front end. Together with the ArchivistaBox Matterhorn, a virtualisation product that's used productively both at our and at our customers' offices was created.

As a special delicacy, the ArchivistaBox Summit offers virtualisation in cluster mode. This means that several ArchivistaBox Summit systems can be operated. Even the live migration of an instance from one ArchivistaBox to another can be performed using the web interface. Regarding the web interface, the ArchivistaBox Summit offers much more than just a administrative browser interface.

In 10 Seconds you can start any Windows or Linux OS in the browser

Every administrator knows the journey the server room a bit too well. With the ArchivistaBox Summit, you can now start each operating system directly within a browser. You can set all BIOS settings in the web browser, monitor each update completely, and you don't need any additional software to do all this. Similarly, you can create a backup of an instance that's running — all tasks that on a hardware-based server can (could) only be implemented with a boot CD, a journey to the server room and expensive software.

The legendary Archivista concept for virtualisation out of the box

We have been shipping DMS solutions for 11 years. For more than four years, we have provided box-based solutions. This approach dispenses with both installation and maintenance work. The ArchivistaBox Summit came about because we also wanted to ship the ArchivistaBox systems virtually to our customers. The ArchivistaBox Summit can virtualise all 32- and 64-bit operating systems.

In doing so, OpenSource software is used. Our extensive experience with box-based solutions helped us to develop the ArchivistaBox Summit. We can thus offer you a virtualisation product that's unique both in its construction and its power consumption. At a price which so far has been a dream for every person responsible for IT.

Professional virtualisation available from 3,990 Swiss Francs

You can obtain the ArchivistaBox Summit for 3,990 Swiss Francs. Its technical data: quad-core appliance, 8 GB RAM, hot-swappable processor with 2 TB (redundant, native 4 Tb), fast hardware RAID controller with cache and battery module for system stability. Power consumption: approx. 80 to 120 Watts (depending on machine construction and load). Every ArchivistaBox Summit can be extended. For this purpose, 4 and/or 6 TB (8 TB native) of storage capacity is available (depending on the RAID configuration); similarly, the box can be equipped with 16 GB RAM.

True to our motto not to ship simply software or only hardware, with the ArchivistaBox Summit you also receive the following services at a fixed price (20 percent of list price/year): all software updates (excl. possible Windows licenses), 8 hours response time for support, free-of-charge hardware exchange within 8 business hours, as well as a discount of 10 percent on the price of all work performed.

ArchivistaBox Summit with Easy Starter Package

You can order the ArchivistaBox Summit together with the Easy Starter Package. For 990 Swiss Francs, we install the ArchivistaBox Summit directly on site at your facility. In the process you receive an introduction and we set up the first two or three instances for you within half a day. The maintenance contract services are provided to you free of charge until the end of 2009. In addition, we give you a coupon for 430 Swiss Francs for a day-long training course; you can redeem the coupon against our virtualisation or DMS products until March 2010.

ArchivistaBox Summit with Best Value Package

For 490 Swiss Francs, you receive half a day's introduction to the ArchivistaBox Summit from us or from one of our sales partners. For this introduction, you can provide your desired operating systems and we will install them together with you. You also receive all maintenance contract services free of charge until the end of 2009.