ERP integration

ArchivistaERP: the most direct route to an ERP system

Many of our customers deploy the ArchivistaBox in combination with an ERP solution. Here the documents are placed virtually in the archives, with paper copies for filing becoming completely unnecessary. Over the years, many connections to existing ERP systems have arisen. And if your ERP solution isn’t yet supported then we will sort this out within a maximum of one to two days, with fixed conditions.

ERP solution with two or three mouse clicks

The optional ArchivistaERP module can be activated on every ArchivistaBox with two or three mouse clicks. ArchivistaERP was developed because many smaller businesses desire an ERP and DMS solution from one source. Of course there are ERP applications with integrated DMS modules, but these modules have a fixed connection to the ERP system.

This is not the case with the ArchivistaBox: ArchivistaERP can be operated totally independently from the WebAdmin and WebClient (the DMS applications in the ArchivistaBox). Of course all business relevant documents are automatically archived upon printing – but this is not compulsory.

ERP connection to any third party systems

ArchivistaERP currently primarily addresses smaller businesses with up to 10 employees. If your business is larger and you are already fully satisfied with your existing ERP solution, then with ArchivistaERP you still acquire an additional benefit as, with ArchivistaERP, you have a fully functioning ERP integration at your fingertips free and postage paid. Instead of ArchivistaERP it is possible to activate a different ERP solution at any time.

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