ArchivistaBox RigiMobile

Mobile work couldn't be easier

Pfaffhausen, 21 April, 2009: Many of our customers appreciate the ability to select the Box that's just right for them from the many available ArchivistaBoxes. In the "mobile work" segment we have so far only been able to offer solutions as part of individual offers. However, this now changes with the introduction of the ArchivistaBox RigiMobile.

Robust work horse for mobile work

As I have been travelling for some time with a mobile ArchivistaBox, I can definitely recommend this appliance to you here. The ArchivistaBox RigiMobile is not only very compact (1.1 kg), but it is also a robust work horse for all sectors. Not that I am saying you should now start practicing your netbook throwing skills with the ArchivistaBox RigiMobile of course.

I am happy to confirm here publicly that the ArchivistaBox RigiMobile (in my backpack without a protective sleeve) has so far survived all trips to work on my scooter, over hill and down dale. Similarly, my backpack (and its contents) doesn't always land very softly. Admittedly, all my previous "work horses" also had to stand up to such torture, but the ArchivistaBox RigiMobile is the first ArchivistaBox I'd like to recommend especially for this reason.

In addition, the ArchivistaBox RigiMobile offers an excellent keyboard, a 10-inch display, as well as good speed (up to 60 300 dpi colour pages/minute) and the box can be turned on and off in approx. 30 seconds — in short, the perfect ArchivistaBox when on the move.

The ArchivistaBox RigiMobile docks effortlessly to all ArchivistaBoxes

The ArchivistaBox RigiMobile is, in addition to its suitability as a mobile ArchivistaBox, also optimal as a scanning station for upscale demands. We'd like to take this opportunity to remind you that ArchivistaBoxes can be combined with each other any way you want. An ArchivistaBox RigiMobile can be easily combined with the ArchivistaBoxes Säntis, Pilatus, Titlis and Eiger, for example. And with an ArchivistaBox Rigi too? Also possible of course; you can always transfer data between a mobile and a stationary ArchivistaBox Rigi.

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