VESR integration

VESR integration in ArchivistaERP

Pfaffhausen, 22nd August 2011: With immediate effect, invoices can be generated in ArchivistaERP, with the paying-in slip, with the Swiss Post reference number (VESR). The posting of collected payments will also be implemented in the near future.

Success in Turbo Thanks to Open Source

VESR integration is based on the Open Source class from and could therefore be integrated in ArchivistaERP with relatively circumscribed costs.

We would like to thank the author sincerely at this point for this excellent class and are pleased that we can provide the entire sources of ArchivistaERP to 100% as defined in the GPL requirements. As always, you will find the updated ISO files (as from 22.8.2011) at this point.

This is how VESR works with ArchivistaERP

VESR with ArchivistaERP can be set up very quickly. You can record the necessary VESR information at one of the bank accounts (VESR, reference and company address). You only need reference and company address if VESR is used in conjunction with a bank account. If you are working directly via your giro account, it suffices to enter the VESR numbers for the bank accounts. In this case, take care that for ‘Name of bank’ you enter your company’s name, just as you have to enter your company’s ‘Postcode’ in VESR with a giro account for the bank address.

Once this information is recorded, you can print out the invoices using ‘Print VESR invoice’. It is also important that you use pre-printed forms (paying-in slips). You should get these from your bank. Alternatively, forms can be ordered from printers. If you have a giro account, you can order the first 2000 sheets free of charge from PostFinance. Don’tOrder blank A4 sheets, because all the information is produced and printed directly from ArchivistaERP.

If you are working with PostFinance, you should decide on payment entries for each posting and each mail. You can then (we are still working on this) process the payment entries automatically. You will learn more about this in one of our future blogs. At this point, we hope you enjoy VESR and ArchivistaERP.

P.S: Before you can generate an invoice with VESR, you must enable ArchivistaERP and create a database. This is described in detail in the manual. After opening the database, you must open at least one item, one customer and one department. However, the Swiss VAT rate is already entered.